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  • How much is the shipping cost?
    Shipping of 10 euros for orders up to 500 euros 12 euros for orders worth between 500-800 euros. and shipping is free for orders over 800 euros.
  • How long does it take for the package to arrive?
    The package is shipped the morning after the order is placed. Depending on the area it could take more or less days: TUSCANY: 1 day LAZIO, EMILIA ROMAGNA, LIGURIA and APPENNINES: 2 days CAMPANIA and NORTHERN ITALY: 3 days SOUTH ITALY and ALPINE AREA: 4 days MAJOR ISLANDS: 5 days These delivery times are indicative.
  • Useful tips!!
    For any problem, call the assistance number: 3387487722 (Stefano). To always be updated on new arrivals, we recommend downloading the Perfect Abbigliamento App, or following our Facebook page: For those who are new customers, we recommend first reading the reviews on Facebook here: (6) Perfect Clothing | Facebook . The first return is free, a refund of the money is always possible. Happy Shopping!
  • What is the FAQ section?
    The FAQ section can be used to answer the most common questions about your business, for example: "Where do you ship?", "What are the opening hours?" or "How do I book a service?". FAQs are a great way to help visitors navigate your site and can improve SEO.
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